Born in Israel, graduated in Medicine at the Strasbourg University  in France. Came back to Israel and opened the first closed adolescent department in the “GEHAH” Psychiatric Hospital, affiliated to the Tel Aviv University, school of Medicine. Later on, I have been nominated as director of the hospital and did it for 20 years , in rotation with Prof. Munitz. I came back to France in 1976 to complete my fellowship in Child Psychiatry and came back in 1993 as visiting Professor in Lille University.  I have been elected as President of all the medical boards  for 6 years and created the first Board examinations for certification in medical disciplines. Later on I chaired the first National advisory board for mental health. I was elected as President of the Israeli Psychiatric association, and later as President of the Israeli child and Adolescent psychiatry. Nowadays I am Honorary President of both associations. I am member of the French child and adolescent psychiatric association, Fellow of the Royal College of Psychiatry, Honorary fellow of the American Psychiatric association, Honorary Fellow of the WPA and of the IPA. Doctor Honoris causa at the Bechterev Institute in Saint Petersburg. I served as member of the Executive Committee of the WPA , and later on I chaired the Committee on Ethics for 3 years. I am member of the EPA committee on education and still teaching at the T.A. Univ.