Mental Health Nurse at Dona Estefânia Hospital - Children's Day Hospital / Clínica do Parque, where I play the role of child / youth therapist individually and in a group.
In addition, professional experience in the same area - mental health of children and adolescents - in the context of internment, schools, foster child institution, and community-based projects.
Master's Degree in Theater and Community (ESTC-IPL / 2012-2015), Specialization in Nursing in Mental and Psychiatric Health (ESS-IPS / 2008-2010), Graduate in Nursing (ESEL / 2002-2006), Director of Sociodrama (Portuguese Society of Psychodrama - SPP / since 2008).
Member of the AEPEA Portugal Group, national group of the European Association of Psychopathology of Children and Adolescents (AEPEA) since 2013.