Helen Lazaratou is  Ass. Professor of Child Psychiatrist, Head of Child and Adolescent Service at the Community Mental Health Centre, A΄ Psychiatric Department, Medical School, University of Athens
She graduated from the Medical School of the University of Athens. The postgraduate training and the practice of her specialization took place at the University Paris XIII, France, under the guidance of Prof. S. Lebovici, having obtained a scholarship by the French government.  In France she stayed for eight years and she had academic activities as  assistant professor at the Pierre et Marie Curie University, Paris VI.
In the educational-teaching sector its activity extends to undergraduate and postgraduate level of medical students and specialists in Child Psychiatry and Psychiatry, as well as students of other health professions. At the research level, she has participated in multi-center international research projects concerning child psychiatry. Her publications include 37 full foreign language articles, 65 Greek and 72 chapters in books. She is also the author of two books in French and four in Greek.