Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist Efterpi Marini studied medicine (1999-2005) and completed her residency training (2008 -2014) in the University of Athens, in Greece. During her specialty training, she worked in three Athenian hospitals, namely Gennimata’s General Hospital (Adult and Adolescent Psychiatric Departments), Pendeli’s Children’s Hospital (Department of Paediatric Neurology) and “Aghia Sophia” Children’s Hospital (Child and Adolescent Psychiatric Department). At the last one, she firstly came in touch with chronic somatic illness and the way it impinges on psychological issues for children-patients and their families. As a result, she carried out her thesis on Chronic Physical Illness and its correlation with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder in Children and their Parents, during her Master Degree studies in “Prevention and Promotion of Mental Health”, which was graded A+. After successful Board Exams in April 2014, she extended her studies with a four-year training course in Family Systemic Psychotherapy (2014-2018). The last three years, she works at a Day Care Center, specialized in abused and maltreated children presenting developmental, emotional and behavioral problems who live either in residential care units or with their families. There, she meets children in-need and their caregivers, neglected children and recently, refugees, as well.